Interesting facts about Vinnytsya

Всі саміе цікаві факти і увлікательніе історії про місто Вінниця

Interesting information about Vinnitsa

  • Vinnytsia was the capital of Ukraine. Since February 2, 1919, the Directory of the UPR has moved to Vinnytsia, due to the difficult political situation. The Directory was then the supreme body of state power, so for the whole month Vinnitsa became the capital of Ukraine.

  • With the proclamation of Ukraine of sovereignty, Vinnytsia became the third city in Ukraine, with the blue-yellow flag on the main square with the official consent of the local authorities.

  • July 26, 2013 Focus magazine has recognized Vinnytsa as the best city in terms of living standards in Ukraine.

  • The Roshen Chocolate Museum was opened on December 22, 2010 for all lovers of sweet caramel, chocolate, sponge cakes and cakes. A museum is located in Vinnitsa, on the territory of Roshen confectionery factory. This museum is unique in its kind, so it is the only fully automated entertainment complex for children.

  • The ROSHEN Fountain (Vinnytsia Fountain) is the only one in Ukraine and the largest floating fountain in Europe, built in the course of the Southern Bug River in Vinnytsia. The uniqueness of the fountain lies in the so-called "wintering technology", which allows you to immerse the fountain design under the ice for the winter. According to the technical characteristics, the height of the jet fountain reaches 60 meters, the frontal discharge of water - 140 meters. The Vinnytsia fountain is compared to the fountain in the Emirates of Dubai.