Interesting facts about Lugansk

Here are some interesting facts about Lugansk.


Interesting information about Lugansk

  • Lugansk ... This city was renamed several times during Stalin's times and during the Nazi occupation, but the city returned its original name, we hope forever ...
  • In general, it is believed that the city was founded in November 1795, when Empress Catherine II decided to found a casting plant for the casting of guns and nuclei in the Donetsk (Slavyanoserbsky) district of Ekaterinoslav province near the village of Kamyany Brid.
  • Lugansk, like many modern cities, has economic, cultural and other ties with the twin cities. Today, the twin cities of Lugansk are Cardiff, Székesfehérvár, Saint-Etienne, Rostov-on-Don.
  • Lugansk is the most eastern regional center of Ukraine.
  • One of the most advanced sports complexes in Ukraine "LTK-Arena" was built in Luhansk
  • According to the population, Luhansk occupies the 11th place among the cities of Ukraine.