Interesting facts about Donetsk

We have collected the most interesting and most important facts about Donetsk


  • 1970 UNESCO awarded Donetsk the title of "City of a Million Roses" as the greenest industrial city in Europe. In the years of restructuring roses decreased. But today more than a million of these beautiful flowers bloom again in the streets, in parks and squares of the city. Roses - a symbol and pride of Donetsk.
  • The deepest mines of Ukraine in Donetsk. Their coal beds are developed at a depth of more than 1200 meters. By the way, the mining developments of the Donetsk mines constitute a unique system of underground corridors with the length of more than 2000 kilometers. Miner's work is especially honored in Donetsk. The biggest holiday of Donetsk is the day of the city, it is celebrated on the day of Shakhtar's day.
  • Not far from the regional center is the largest artificial forest in the country - Velikoanadolsky (2543 hectares). It was laid over half a century ago by a lieutenant, and later Colonel of the Corps of the Foresters, a prominent scientist Victor Graff, having given the opportunity to engage in forging in a bare, anhydrous steppe. Now in the center of the green oasis lies a lake with healing radon springs.
  • Many believe that the previous name of the city of Stalino was awarded in honor of Joseph Stalin. And the city was really named in honor of the leader, but the other. In 1924 after the death of VI Lenin, the Executive Committee of Yuzivka decides that the symbol characterizing the great leader will be "Steel" and renamed Yuzovka, the city of Stalin. It turns out that in the same year, when Yuzovka was renamed Stalin and determined with the name, the city for a couple of weeks was called Trotsky.
  • In the postwar years, secretly mines in Donetsk extracted radioactive materials for the first Soviet atomic bombs.
  • May 18, 2012 Donetsk helped Europe set Guinness record. Under the music of Johann Strauss youth of Donetsk region on the square in front of the building of the Donetsk Regional Council danced the quadrille with dancers present at the same time in other areas of Europe. The event was attended by more than 30 thousand dancers, who went out on the square and streets of 50 cities of seven countries. A similar dance show takes place annually on the third Friday of May, and in 2012, Ukraine in the person of Donetsk affiliated with it for the first time. In Donetsk, dancing quadrils gathered 1,292 people.
  • Gennadiy Tupilko, 57-year-old miner from Donetsk, was recognized as the most prolonged and fastest Ukrainian. Gennady is able to run a hundred meters in 16.48 seconds, and a distance of 22.5 km - for 2 hours.
  • To enter the national register of Ukrainian records in 2011, the Donetsk musician Sergei Putiatov played 27 notes per second on an electric guitar.
  • The chronicle of the Donetsk region preserves the name of the modest teacher Michael Petrenko, the author of the song "I'm looking into the sky and I think," which eventually turned into a folk.
  • The Donetsk car cinema Moonlight has the largest not only in Ukraine, but throughout Europe, the cinema screen, which is 242 square meters (the size of the screen is 22 to 11 meters).